Each gown features details like embroidery and precious laces to set i t apart and make the bride shine.

Georgette mermaid gown  16101
Georgette a-line gown embroidered  16102
Satin basic a-line with sash 16103

Cady and georgette mermaid gown  16104
Georgette a-line gown  16105
Tulle a-line gown 16106

A-line gown with georgette corset  16107
Silky voile a-line gown  16108
Satin mermaid gown 16109

Mermaid gown with lace changeable  16110
Beaded lace a-line gown  16111
Mikado organdie mermaid gown 16112

Sheath gown with hand-embroidered  16113
Organdie Mikado semi-ball gown  16114
Jacquard semi- ball gown 16115

Organdie Mikado semi-ball gown  16116
Satin organdie semi-ball gown  16117
Organdie semi-ball gown 16118

Basic tulle ball-gown  16119
Tulle ball-gown  16120
Tulle semi-ball-gown 16121

Semi-ball-gown in lace  16122
Semi-ball-gown  16123