Like the precious gem full of freshness, this collection adds color to the silky white of the gowns.

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Satin a-line gown  15101
Georgette sheath  15102
Satin basic a-line gown 15103

A-line gown in silky voile one-shoulder  15104
Georgette a-line gown  15105
Tulle a-line gown 15106

Georgette a-line gown  15107
Tulle and georgette rebrodè a-line gown  15108
Satin a-line gown 15109

Organdie Mikado mermaid gown  15110
Mermaid gown in rebrodé lace detachable  15111
Organdie Mikado sheath gown 15112

Mikado organdie ball-gown  15113
Satin organdie ball-gown  15114
Satin organdie semi-ball-gown 15115

Organdie ball-gown  15116
Semi-ball gown in tulle  15117
Organdie ball-gown 15118

Organdie and tulle ball-gown  15119
Basic tulle ball-gown and satin corset  15120

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