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Mysecret Sposa was born thanks to the initiative of its owners, Giorgio Lippolis and Rosalinda Pizzutilo that after working in the wedding dress industry for more than 20 years, are launching their brand, continuing to design wedding dresses very tasteful and elegant. The simplicity and sophistication of the lines of collection sign the difference from mass collections. Mysecret Sposa is a line of stylish, essential clothing, from the clean and refined taste, strictly Made in Italy, focusing on the details, leaving these clothes without time and creating an atmosphere of perfection in which every gesture is an expression of an innate allure.

The Brand

Mysecret, my secret, this name came to my mind when I thought the organization of the wedding: the bride and groom, usually, they share all the choices in this important event, the room service, the menu, wedding favors... Only one thing remains secret to the groom until on their wedding day: the dress, the secret of the brides, shrouded in mystery for the duration of the preparations, perhaps because of this, it becomes the main topic for the guests on the day of the fateful "YES".

The brand of Mysecret Sposa
C. Colombo, 23 70017 - Putignano, Bari ITALY
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